How I Got Published

How-I-Got-Published--Jennifer-Ray-BooksEarlier this week I recommended joining a writing group. They are great for support, information, and entertainment. But, one of the best perks is working on a project together.

The writing group, Writing Wenches, has taken on several projects that have not only helped me work on my author platform, but helped my writing skills and urged me to publish my debut story, Declan’s Special. The Writing Wenches have created a blog, Facebook page, twitter page, romance writer Q & A forum, and we’re working on a newsletter and writing contest. We also help each other by beta reading, critiquing, and editing. Our biggest news, though, is our holiday anthology.

One of the members of the Writing Wenches suggested a collection of short stories featuring any of the Wenches that wanted to join. The anthology morphed into a holiday anthology featuring twenty-one of the Writing Wenches. Soon there after, the publishing company, PageCurl (which is owned by a couple of Wenches!) took the anthology under their wing. As they say, the rest was history.

So without further ado, here’s the cover for Unwrapping Love:


But the best part, for me, is my own contribution to this anthology. Here is the Declan’s Special cover, which I’m so excited to share:Declan's Special

I have the link to the Amazon pre-order in my Books section of the site. The Writing Wenches would really enjoy it if you were to join our Release Day Bash. It will be great fun!


Happy writing! ~ Jen


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