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As I sit here eating the M&M’s leftover from Halloween, I realize how easy they are to eat while NaNoWriMo writing. And, since us Americans are about to gorge ourselves on turkey and casseroles in a few days, I began to drool think about all of the messy foods that we like to eat. So what are the worst foods to eat while writing during NaNoWriMo?


My Ten Worst Foods to Eat During NaNoWriMo Writing:

1. Soup – Even if you somehow have room on your desk for a bowl of soup, be prepared to make a mess. Getting the spoon from said bowl to your mouth will leave a path all the way to your mouth.

2. Taco – While you can get the taco initially to your face without much issue (don’t overstuff), once you break that crispy shell, you’re done for. It’s like releasing a dam. Meat, cheese, salsa, and tomatoes start falling and squirting everywhere.

3. Chili Hotdog – Major chili squirtage, need I say more.

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich – It’s sticky and the jelly starts to drop out in globs about halfway into the sandwich. Your keyboard keys will probably start sticking together.

5. Buttery Popcorn – Your fingers are so greasy and slimy, your fingers start to slide off the keys and typing the wrong words.

6. Powdered Cheese Covered Chips – Yes, you could lick your fingers and get all of the cheesy goodness off, but then your fingers are sticky and wet (see buttery popcorn!).

7. Ice Cream Cone – You can never finish an ice cream cone before it starts to melt and drip everywhere.

8. Meatball Sub – Major squirtage with this one too. Sometimes even the meatballs fall out of the sub, then you have the problem of wrong words again.

9. BBQ Ribs – Not only should you not wear white when eating ribs, you shouldn’t type either. Ribs are a sticky, sauce dripping mess.

10. Buffalo Wings – Just like ribs, they’re a sticky, saucy mess. And if you don’t wipe down your keyboard, the next time you use it and then rub your eye, OUCH!!

Let me know if other food has ever given you problems while typing! I’ll be over here trying to get my spacebar from sticking.


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