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Finding-Time-as-a-Mom-Writer---Jennifer-Ray-BooksWith my oldest child off from school today, I’m reminded how hard it is to fit in time to write, edit, build author platforms, and any other of the numerous things authors must do. It’s not that I forgot this because I still have a one-year-old at home, but it’s just a little harder with two. I know it’s nothing compared to mothers with more children, working mothers, working dads, and so on. I get it. It’s tough no matter the situation. So how do you find time?

In the recent past (like last week), I was a little stubborn and refused to be structured, but I have finally acquiesced and started to work on a schedule. Nap times are a gold mine of opportunity to get things done. Right after breakfast or lunch when tummies are full and kiddos are content with playing on their own, I can squeeze in a bit of work. All of these are put into a schedule.

Mother and baby in home officeIt doesn’t always work even with having a schedule. You also have to be flexible. Writing at night after everyone is in bed, ordering pizza one night (Makes kids happy and you don’t have to cook. Score!), getting up early, and stealing moments here and there. Some days you just have to work with what time you have. Scribbling notes while waiting at the doctor’s office, leaving a message for yourself on voice mail, getting a recording app and using it while in rush hour traffic, writing during lunch break, and I’m sure there’s plenty more ways.

Getting help. This one is tough. Many people don’t like asking for help, but if your loved ones are supportive, they will try to help when they can. My parents and in-laws live too far away to be babysitters so I don’t have that luxury. Some parents will have a babysitter come in one day a week for just a few hours or use a daycare/preschool. That’s fantastic if that will fit in your budget. I’m lucky enough to have my husband around a lot, and when he can, he will entertain the kids to help me out.

The main thing is that you have to be disciplined. If you want to be a serious writer, you will make writing a priority and fit it in somehow. It isn’t easy, but nothing worth fighting for ever is. How about you? How do you fit writing in when there a million other things stopping you?

Happy writing ~ Jen


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