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Where-do-you-get-your-inspiration--Jennifer-Ray-BooksToday is the release day for Unwrapping Love! As I figured out my plan for my part of the Facebook party, I thought over the storyline and what inspired the story. It was a picture of a gorgeous man cooking at a beautiful stove. Honestly, I noticed the drool-worthy stove before the nearly naked man.

In a former life, I owned a bakery. I also enjoy cooking for my family on a rare occasion. I envisioned all of the things I could bake and cook with that glorious appliance. Then I finally noticed the gorgeous man, in his underwear, cooking. My next thought was, “What about a story that takes place in a bakery?”

Since our anthology has a holiday theme, I immediately thought about sweets! Who am I kidding, I always think about sweets! At least the holidays give me an excuse to not feel guilty about my thoughts. 😉 The story flowed from that one picture.

For my current novel, my inspiration was a little more nebulous. I was watching the, now canceled, show Zero Hour. My husband and I started talking about the show and how I would approach it. Soon the storyline in my head looked nothing like the show.

I have various other story ideas that have come from other books, fairytales, and from people I see out in the world. Really anything can be inspiration, and that’s why I carry a little notebook wherever I go!

It’s amazing where inspiration can come from. Where do you get your inspiration?

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