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How do you decide on your story’s location? How do you make it work for your story? Are you worldbuilding? I know this varies with your genre, but location can play a major role in your story. The details are important. The landmarks, locations of shops, the traffic, and all the other little subtleties make […]

Where in the World is Your Story?

  I love learning about different authors’ inspiration, routines, favorite genres, favorite authors, years at the craft, and anything else I can drag out of them. You never know what you might learn from them to apply to your own writing. Today I have one of the lovely Writing Wenches, author Jennifer Senhaji, visiting. Thank […]

Interview with Author Jennifer Senhaji

Pink roses and old books and letters
Today is one of my writing group’s, Writing Wenches, release day. Kay Blake’s latest release is Lost and Found. I’m excited for Kay, and hope you get a chance to read her novella. Check out the blurb and a little about Kay:   Genre: Contemporary Romance/Interracial Romance Amazon link: Blurb: Zoe Reynolds’ life is […]

Lost and Found Release Day