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Today I’m excited to share with you an interview with two lovely ladies, Phoebe and Darcy. They are characters in A. E. Snow’s new novella, That Touch of Pink, Book 1 of her Retro Romance series.

Legs of the groom and the bride.

1. Good morning ladies! Can you two tell me a little about yourselves?

Phoebe – Good morning! I’m an indie romance author working hard on my next book. I love everything pink and/or polka dotted. I probably shouldn’t mention my cat but I will. Minnie and I live in Brooklyn and we love it!

Darcy – What a dork. Phoebe, we are romance authors. Don’t talk about your cat. Anyway, I also live in Brooklyn and I write paranormal romance.

2. So you’re BFFs. Phoebe, since this story is about you, I want your opinion. What does Darcy do for you as a best friend? Darcy, do you have anything to add?

Phoebe – Darcy is like sister to me. She reads everything I write first. I don’t dream of sending it to anyone until Darcy has read it. She is always totally honest with me about everything. If there is truly one person in my corner, it’s her.

Darcy – I call her out on her stuff. Every time!

Phoebe – That’s true. I suppose I need that.

Darcy – We all do!

3. Darcy, what does Phoebe do that makes you so angry?

Darcy – Haha! So many things. She never wants to go out and do anything. Once in a while, I can talk her into going to a movie. But the thing that really drives me nuts is her complete lack of awareness. Like if someone is hitting on her, she doesn’t notice! I have to tell her!

Phoebe – Aw thanks. That’s so sweet!

Darcy – Shutup.

4. Share a funny story about the two of you together.

Darcy – Bahahaha! What about the time we went to Memphis?

Phoebe – You can’t tell that story. My mom might read this.

Darcy – I’m telling the story. Once we were on a road trip and we stopped by Memphis. Did you know you could drink while walking down the street there?

Phoebe – You really can.

Darcy – So of course we did. This one over here had a few too many big slushy margaritas and danced on the bar.

Phoebe – And Darcy had too many as well. The next morning, she threw up five times at Graceland.

Darcy – True. That was my finest moment. *beams proudly*

5. Darcy, is there anything you want readers to know about Phoebe?

Darcy – She likes everything to match. Like everything she wears and everything in her house. It’s exhausting. But really, Phoebe is just about the sweetest person you will ever meet. I couldn’t love her more if I tried.

Phoebe – Aw! That’s so nice! You’re my favorite.

Darcy – Are you sure your cat isn’t your favorite?

Phoebe – Maybe you run a close second.


Thank you ladies for stopping by today!

Now here’s the blurb for That Touch of Pink:

Who ever heard of a romance author whose life is devoid of romance? Phoebe Page loves her life as a successful indie writer with great friends and an amazing apartment in Brooklyn. But her love life is sorely lacking. After a brutal breakup, Phoebe convinces herself that relationships are for suckers and she’d rather be alone.

Henry Barrett, literary bad boy and best-selling author, isn’t lacking for dates. His life is like one big release party and he likes it that way. Until Phoebe Page stops him in his tracks with one tweet.

After a heated argument on social media, Phoebe hopes to write Henry out of her life and forget about the whole thing. He, on the other hand, can’t seem to stop thinking about her. And when Phoebe and Henry find themselves sitting next to each other at a conference, the sparks fly. Will Henry win her over or will she be able to resist his charms?

You can get That Touch of Pink on Amazon.

authorphotoA.E. Snow is a writer, mother, pet wrangler, and lives for books and publishing. She lives in a tiny mountain town with her husband, two children, three cats, a dog, and a partridge in a pear tree. A.E. has been writing since she was six. These days, she writes Young Adult, Chick-lit and Romance. Her novella, That Touch of Pink is out now! Visit her at



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