#Top10 Tuesday – Ten “Bad” Excuses Not to Write 10 comments

Procrastination. We all do it, and I haven’t met a writer who doesn’t at some point. We always have an excuse not to write, whether it’s a good or bad excuse. (They all seem like good excuses at the time!)

So what are ten of the most overused bad excuses not to write?

1. I need to do a blog post. – Um… hmm… Let’s go to number two on the list.

2. I really should clean off my desk, again. – Who can work with that one speck of dust staring at you, judging?

3. I should check out everyone’s status on facebook, you know, just in case… – What? You know you do.

4. Maybe I should tweet about writing, because that’s writing too. – #Guilty

5. That closet won’t organize itself. – I still can’t find those shoes… Hey, here’s that shirt!

6. But it’s the new season of Downton Abbey (or any other of the ONE MILLION shows that are highly addictive). – Did you guys see that episode… Nevermind.

7. Just one more chapter and I’ll put down the book. I swear. – Yup. Nope.

8. I really need to go through all of the stock photos again because maybe a different search will find that perfect picture. – That can’t just be me.

9. I need another cup of coffee. I really should do the dishes, wipe the counter, make a grocery list, fold the laundry, mop the floor, vacuum, and plan dinner even if it’s still morning. – Or I could just drink my coffee and peek out at the neighbors.

10. Pinterest. – I mean really, what did we do before Pinterest? How did we function before then? Ooo, maybe there’s a pin for that!

I’m sure there’s more, but I won’t admit them. What bad excuses do you have? And you can’t use reading my blog as one, because, reasons. :)

Happy writing! ~ Jen

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